Alliance Properties of the Carolinas

We carry mobile devices to ensure quick response times to all your maintenance needs.



How do you advertise your vacancies?

We start the marketing process at the time we receive a required notice to vacate from your resident. Your property will appear on our vacancy list on the website that syndicates with other 3rd party sites ie)Zillow, Hot Pads,, Trulia.  We also place a sign on your property in order to capture all drive-by traffic. Approximately 1 out of 4 prospects come to us from displayed signage at the property. We will also advertise in local publications that will give you the needed exposure to your property as quickly as possible upon special request. We also enter our listings in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for all area Realtors show their clients your home.


How quickly do you contact me when my property comes vacant?

We will notify you immediately upon receiving a notice to vacate from your current tenant. From there, we will inform you of the move-out date and the prorated rent for the property. When the property is vacant, we will inspect the property for any repairs in order to get it ready for the next renter. We will contact you with our repair list (if any) and estimated costs.


How do you screen applicants?

Any person over the age of 18 is required to complete the application for rental and be approved. Photo identification is required when application is submitted. A credit check will reveal any hidden addresses and payment history. We also check criminal activity in all 50 states. Employment is verified and the prospect must make at least 4 times the rent amount per month. Also rental/housing history is verified to ensure that the payments were received on time and that they complied with the lease agreement.


Who pays for the repairs to vacancies?

After the move-out inspection, we will determine who is responsible for the payment of necessary repairs. We are allowed by law to take any unpaid balance and/or damages made by the tenant (other than normal wear/tear) from the security deposit.


When will I get my check and monthly reports?

All rents are due on the first and considered late after the 5th of each month.  Owners have an option of receiving an ACH direct deposit by the 15th - 18th of each month or the owner may elect to have a check cut and reports mailed to them directly by the 17th of each month (based on the resident's check clearing the bank). Since checks must clear the bank, it is not practical to send funds prior to this time.


Who handles problems late at night?

Sometimes issues come up at unexpected times, like in the middle of the night. Residents are provided with a 24 hour paging service in the case of a maintenance emergency. We then contact the resident to determine how to proceed. Many times we can solve problems over the phone, but if necessary we can dispatch our contractors with 24 hour access.


Can the tenant get my phone number and address?

Your confidentiality is important to us and we do not disclose any of your personal information. We will not release any information about you to anyone without your approval. Be aware that anyone can access the tax records, if your address is listed on the tax records you may be contacted.


Are you the cheapest property management in town?

Probably not. Our management fees are very competitive and our goal is to give superior customer service while maximizing your investments. We want to be the premier property management company, not the largest.